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BAL Financial LLC is a family owned firm whose main focus is the buying, selling and acquisitions of debt. We bring a youthful, entrepreneurial spirit with a fresh perspective to our clients while staying current on the changing laws and new technologies being introduced into the collection industry. We work closely with our clients to ensure all your needs are met. BAL Financial knows that everyone's needs are different and unique and we have a professionally trained staff that is here to help. We know that it is essential to respond to those needs immediately, and it is our goal to help collection and credit institutions throughout the nation to manage debt affordably and increase cash flow by turning debt into profit using our flexible, rewarding, and outstanding quality services.

Contact Information:
BAL Financial LLC
610 West Lovers Lane
Arlington,  TX   76010

Mattea Heldner
Casey Burton

Phone: (617) 595-5794
Fax: (817) 987-3216

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